After 15 years of peace, apocalypse has once again swept the world. Your old heroes can't save you now.
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 Yun && Yue

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Shihong Yang

Shihong Yang

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Yun && Yue Empty
PostSubject: Yun && Yue   Yun && Yue I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 22, 2011 1:37 am

¡Yun Yang && Yue Yang!
Yun && Yue Yun Yun && Yue Yue1
Yeah, I know the photos are too old for them. Shut up.


Name: Yun & Yue.
Age: 14 [Twins]
Height: 5'4 & 5'2
Weight: 120 & 112
Body Type: Both thin and small...
Hair Color: Black & Black plz.
Eye Color: Brown 'n Brown plz.
Parents: Shihong Yang && Mr. Random Dude.

Clothes: Short T-Shirts and a Comfortable Pair of Jeans & Glasses || At times, Victorian-Esque Modern clothing and a choker. Other times, a simple blouse and jeans will do.
Personality: Uplifting, Clever, Flirtatious || Quiet, thoughtful, Strange
Likes: Shiz..... And things....
Dislikes: Other things.... >:c Meh... I really don't get a feel for characters until I actually play them. Edit when I gets some bright ideas. :3

Yun's Blade:
Sword too!:
Yue's Small Gun with Random Lazer pointer. o3o:
She could also use a Puado, but is Puado-less.Trained Traditionally for the win.

Yes... Their mother was indeed knocked up at a young age, 16 to be exact. Don't be a hater. :'D
jk. hate all you want.
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Abel Callus

Abel Callus

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Yun && Yue Empty
PostSubject: Re: Yun && Yue   Yun && Yue I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 22, 2011 1:41 am

Approved ^^

Though, I can't move it yet D:
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Yun && Yue
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