After 15 years of peace, apocalypse has once again swept the world. Your old heroes can't save you now.
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Eric walked alone down the street, in the shadow of a building. He was a master of stealth and his footsteps were next to silent, the only noise made when he stepped on something, and if he stepped on something. He silently assassinated several shadows, slipping his daggers deep into their necks, the shadows never made a sound. Eventually, he found the building where they fought Omega, looked for a way in. He figured the door would creak and thus be suicide, so he had to find a way to the roof. The window from his previous... 'visit' was still broken, and he could get in their silently. He found a gutter that trailed to the ground, and climbed it, and then froze when it shivered a bit, and let out a creeeeeeeek sound. He rapidly climbed the rest, landed on the roof, jumped to the roof of an adjacent house, and lie prone on the shingles.
And just in time, for several shadows appeared seemingly from nowhere. The walked to the source of the noise, and in anger of finding nothing, ripped it from the house. It dropped a torrent of water on them. This annoyed them greatly, and they rushed off grumbling. Eric jumped back when all sounds vanished. He calculated the distance from his roof to the window, and jumped... and missed, just barely. He would've gone in, missing the broken glass and landing soundly, but he was not perfect, and landed short of the window. He stuck his hands out to grab the ledge, then nearly let go as the glass ripped into his skin. He would have growled if he had not been going for the silent approach. He climbed in the window, ignoring the glass pricking him and sat down. He checked his wounds, and satisfied they were not life threatening, unsheathed two daggers and began exploring the creepy old house of Solli Street...
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