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 Elias Repost

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Elias Vanders

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Name:Elias Vanders
Weight:127 lbs
Body Type:Standard. Not too skinny.
Hair Color:Blue
Eye Color:Gray
Turn Place: Was born of a human slave and shadow (valgon). Shadow Fortress.
General Type:Valgon


Clothes:He always wheres a black jacket, but other than that, everything else can vary. Wears sunglasses almost everywhere. Has transparent wings made out of shadow energy he can retract.
Personality:Usually not amused but can be nice to allies. He sometimes takes battles too seriously.
Strengths:The Battlefield, Cold Areas. (He doesn't mind it, but most of his enemies do.)
Weaknesses:Lack of caffeine, Stronger opponents, Warm areas.
Likes:Women, Soda, Battles with Strategy
Dislikes:Boyfriends, Tea, Idiots.
History: Born forcefully unto a Valgon and a Human, his mother died after he was born. He was then raised half in the fortress, half with the Valgon race in the Forest. He is a good battler, for he would train hours upon hours against his peers, often killing weak but persistent half-bloods. He was always an ally and friend of Odin's, and wasn't surprised when he was made a general.


Type:Sword/ Scythe (only brings one to a battle. It differs a lot.)
Description: Sharp Onyx sword. Red staffed silver scythe; 3 foot tall.

*Sorry if it doesn't appear right. This was copied, and I'm not making a new one. ono;*
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Elias Repost
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