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 Rules and Template

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PostSubject: Rules and Template   Rules and Template I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 01, 2012 9:11 pm


The rules of the Versus mini game are simple. You may pick any character or species, good or bad, and use them in a 4 player free for all match with 3 other people. Last one standing wins.

Each person gets HP due to the amount of posts they have, as well as damage. The system is as follows.

People with 0-50 posts have/do: 50 HP , do 5 damage per attack.

People with 50-150 posts have/do: 75 HP , do 10 damage per attack.

People with 150-300 posts have/do: 100 HP , do 15 damage per attack.

People with 300-400 posts have/do: 125 HP , do 20 damage per attack.

People with 400+ posts have/do: 150 HP , do 25 damage per attack.

If you have any questions, PM Jay or Bright.

After you fill out the template, wait until 3 people post in it wanting to join, and you may begin.



Specific People to Add to Match:

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Rules and Template
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