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 Rules (As of 9/24/11)

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Rules (As of 9/24/11) Empty
PostSubject: Rules (As of 9/24/11)   Rules (As of 9/24/11) I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 20, 2011 5:26 pm

1. Be nice. No flaming any member, even if they spam.

2. You may curse.

3. Romance is to be kept at PG-13

4. No spamming. An authority will ask you three times. Three strikes, you're out for 3 days.

5. No asking to be a mod or admin. We come to you.

6. All unnecessary topics like "I like pie" or such shall be deleted.


8. Breaking one of these rules will result in a one day ban. Then three bans, you're deleted.

9. Have fun! We at ATA are happy to have you! Yes, that means no "Should I leave?" topics.

10. You may not kill someone, unless they wanna be killed. >>

11.No using old characters from past sites. You are either thier children or some random kid. .n.

12.You may be as much as 5 characters, for their are many different kinds of things to choose from.

13. Try not to leave people behind in a topic just because they aren't on. It's rude and it makes them feel unwanted.
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Rules (As of 9/24/11)
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